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TechMass System

A hardware to process machine data, an App to interact with operators, a brain to understand and help.

This is the heart of our innovative system.

MES Plug&Play, IoT e Cloud

Why choose TechMass

Turnkey service

We offer upgrades and maintenance in a single hardware service for an
integrated, flexible and effective End 2 End digitization.

Ready, when you are

You start out in a fast and simple way, focusing only on your needs. Add the modules you need at the right time and whenever your organization is ready.

We help you grow

 Our goal is to support you in your path to efficiency to increase your competitiveness and create value through continuous improvement.

Chosen by

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Danaher
  • Henkel
  • Kao
  • Zoppas Industries
  • Fila
  • Mevis
  • MB Fix
  • Valbona
  • Dialcos

Find out how TechMass
can support your growth

TechMass diventa TeamSystem!

Abbiamo percorso tanta strada insieme, e per migliorare ogni giorno i nostri servizi abbiamo deciso di continuare a crescere insieme a TeamSystem!

Non cambierà nulla per te e i nostri servizi andranno in continuità.
Il nostro sito nelle settimane successive sarà spento, ma potrai trovarci nel sito di TeamSystem!